How Do You Know?

Chit Chat TodayEver wonder if he really likes you or if he is just stringing you along? Teenagers, young adults, middle-aged, or seniors. We all have those thoughts. No matter how long you’ve been seeing someone, you still wonder if he really cares. How can you tell if a person will be good for you past today? He may tell you “I care for you…you’re the only one for me”. He smiles and you melt. Yeah… Right! But now, he leaves your side and you can’t reach him. Your calls go to his voicemail. If he answers, your conversation is cut short… “Wait a minute, somebody’s calling me…I’ll call you back in a few minutes.” A few minutes takes 15 minutes, 30 minutes, then no return call at all. Yet, he said “You’re the only one for me.” Valentine’s Day, you may get a text, you may get a call, you may not hear from him at all.  Yet…”You’re the only one for me.”  Your birthday… Nothing, maybe an acknowledgement, maybe not. You’re supposed to go out to dinner, but he forgets. Something came up. He gives you an excuse but then maybe not. How about “… I forgot…” You ask, “You forgot? Am I not important enough to remember? He says “…I had something to do” You say, then, “Explain the emergency. What was more important than our relationship and me and my birthday?”

Your heart is all into him, this relationship and you want to believe. But you just don’t know how to. He disappears, no answer for 2 to 3 days. The whole weekend, then more days. But the worst thing, something happens that really disturbs you. A crisis to you. Is he there to support you? Does he lend a shoulder to cry on? Does he listen to your concerns and your feelings? Is he there when you need him? Excuses, excuses, excuses, “…I lost my phone. My phone died. My charger is not working….” Well, here comes the hard part for you. Your nagging mind wants an answer. How can you tell if he really cares for you? How do you know if he’s really into you?  Let’s see if we can figure this out.

One day, a friend of mine said something that really got me to thinking.  You may have heard it before.  It’s not new.  But now, you need to internalize the words.  Apply it to yourself. How can you tell if someone is really into you?

You need to – TAKE YOUR EMOTIONS OUT OF IT!  I’ll say it again. Take your emotions out of it. Forget that you care for this person. Forget that you liked this person. Forget any words he may have said to you. Words are irrelevant at this point. Just look at him from the outside as if you’re someone else looking at this strange person. What do you see? What does he do? Look at him. Stand back now. Take a good look. Where is he when you need him? What is he doing? Remember, caring and loving are action words. How does he treat you? That’s how you know if he cares!

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