So Lucky


Hello, Chit Chatters. To you Parents, Mothers, daughters, siblings. Ask yourself this one little question. Would a 5-year-old say this? Well, I’ll answer for you. Apparently, they do. For the first time since the pandemic my daughter and my son-in-law were able to get out of town and go to a wedding.  I went to stay with my twin granddaughters for a few days so they could attend it.   This would also be the first time that my granddaughters would not be seeing their parents for more than 24 hours. However, before leaving, my daughter made sure that my grandchildren had all the snacks that they liked. So here we are enjoying an evening snack and out of the mouth of babe comes something that you just would not expect from a 5-year-old. So calmly, so appreciative, so caring, so loving, and Sooooo unexpected, one of them says, “My mommy bought me this”, talking about the Ice Cream Sandwich she was eating. And with the sweetest little smile on her face, she added, “We’re so lucky to have her”.  I looked at her.  I smiled and then agreed with her, “You sure are”, I said.  Wow, I thought.  She really said that, and she meant it from her whole heart.  What an honor to my daughter to have this said of her from her 5-year-old daughter. This reminds us that our children are watching and listening, have feelings and thoughts, and at any given time or moment, what they are feeling and what they are thinking might come out. The significance of her feelings for her mother, my daughter, and the fact that she was able to express it in that manner, was something more precious than anything I could imagine at that moment. 

Children really do say the darndest things and we are so lucky to have them!

(Illustration by Avionne Akanbi)

HER Story: Pimped Out And I’m Tired


These pimps are out there and they won’t leave me alone. I keep the hustle going but they still say they want more and more.  “Get out there and make my money” they say. “And don’t come back here without it. If you don’t give me every penny that I need, I’m going to go up on it and  you’re going to owe me more.”

But Misters, I’ll call them that, I don’t have anymore. I’m tired. Can I get off the street for a while? But they say “No. You get out there and make my money. Next time I tell you to make my money you better bring it to me on time.

But Mister, I got to get my car so I can get over there to the workplace.

“I don’t care about that car. If you want a roof over your head you better get me my money.”

But my lights, Mister, if I don’t have enough I won’t have lights.

“You don’t need lights for what you have to do. Just get on that hustle and get my money.”

But Mister, it’s cold and I need some gas around here.

“You don’t need any gas. Just snuggle up and get some more blankets. You’ll be fine. Just get me my money. We all need our money. Don’t I take care of you when you give me my money? So get me my money.”

They all say that they take care of me. But if I don’t get them their money they drop me. I don’t have any help. I go to one for help and tell them that I don’t have it. But they don’t care. Each one wants their money. They will take a big cut of whatever I get. So I ask, Mister, what if I can’t get all of it?  

“That’s not my problem. You just get me my money.”

So here I am hustling every time I get a chance. My legs are always out there trying to make that Hustle. My legs are tired. And I say to them, I’m getting older. Don’t I get a break?

“A break? As long as you can walk you don’t get a break. You bring me my money. And I need it by 5 today.”

So all weekend long, I was on my hustle. Oh, but they’re still not satisfied. The Pimps keep riding my back day and night. I got a phone call from one of them.

“Where are you? Where is my money?”

I said let me out. I’m going to stop. But they know about each other and they all tell me that they own me. I’ll never get out. I called myself taking a couple of days off and I got a phone call from another one of those pimps. 

He asked, “where the H… have you been? I have been waiting on my money.”

I explained that I had to get off my feet for a minute and that the hustle was killing me. He said, “I don’t care. I want my money by this afternoon or I will……… I was so stressed out, I didn’t hear the rest of it. But I knew I’d better get back on that hustle that very night and I did.

The Pimps are strong and unbending. They take over every facet of my life to the fact that I rarely enjoy it. Oh well, looks like The Pimps are still winning. I see I have to accept the fact that the pimps are in control.

The first of the month the rental company wants their money. Next is the power company, then gas company, the car insurance, the car payments and the list goes on and on. Pimps to the right, pimps to the left, pimps all around. And I’m stuck in the middle!! The Pimps are winning!!!! And the hustle goes on. I am PIMPED Out and I’m Tired! HELP!  HELP!! HELP!!!

You Pray and try to be positive, but it feels like it does not seem to always work. Sometimes you just want to go to an isolated place and scream, just to get those feelings out. After that, you can hopefully think about your next step.

Any body ever feel this way?  Believe me the number is astounding! 

Working to pay bills and having nothing left to enjoy life or time with your family, A thought that enters many mines.

What can she do? What can we do?  

My only thought right now is to help each other whenever we can and sometimes when we think we can’t? 

Thanks for reading and listening Chit-Chatters.  Your thoughts are welcomed.


Casting Call First Steps

Hello everybody.  I just want to tell you about something exciting and new for me. I have been a nurse for many years and I felt like there was something else that I needed to do. So a few months ago it came into my head that I might want to be a mature plus-size model. They’re out there. I researched it and knew that the possibility is there, if I but put one foot forward and go for it. Anyway, how did I want to get started with this. I went online and found a website in Atlanta called I joined the website then researched casting calls in the Atlanta area. I found one that I thought I might be interested in.  This casting call was for people age 18 plus to do info-commercials.  Well, I thought this is one for me. My age group 18 plus. So, I applied and received a message to appear for an audition.

With this invitation to audition, I was instructed to bring a resume. A resume? I thought, I haven’t done anything. But, per request I put something together. I researched sample beginner’s resumes and wa-lah, I created something to at least start with. They said if you don’t have anything to put down,  put down something. So I’ll show a sample beginner’s resume.  Anyway, I arrived for my audition an hour early. That was so that I could beat the Atlanta traffic going across town. I wanted to be early rather than late. But it really didn’t matter.  As I sat in the parking lot waiting on my time to go in, there were many people going in and out. And of course more than one person was scheduled for each time slot. I went on in at 1:15. My appointment time was 1:30.

When I entered the building, I went into the room to the left and signed in.  There were several people already sitting and waiting for their turn. Like the others I was given three sets of paragraphs to read. We were to choose two of them for our audition. We only had a few minutes to rehearse these sections. I chose the two that I felt I could do best. Finally, my name was called and at 2:15 I went in for my audition. I gave them my resume, skimpy as it was and completely lacking of experience. The interviewer appeared to accept it with respect, not showing like or dislike for what he was reading. He then proceeded with the interview. The first questions he asked me, were how did I hear about the audition and did I know anything about the company.  So I explained to them that I felt it was similar to the people that we see in Walmart or other places advertising different products that they wanted us to try and hopefully buy. I did attend one in Walmart once and it was quite interesting. Of course I didn’t buy anything but you know, just to be there and listen to the presentation was interesting. So, after our little question and answer session, they asked me to read a section. Of course I stumbled a little bit, trying to read and trying not to read at the same time and trying to feel comfortable and trying to look confident.  Well anyway, after I read one section, the gentleman said “…Well, I like the way you paused at different parts of it. But we have your information and if we have any other callbacks, we’ll let you know…” Aha…I thought, so whenever you hear “…we have your information…” you know what that means. So, I smiled and  chuckled just a little, then asked “Well, no call back today?”   He looked at me, with all sincerity and responded “No. No call back today.”  And with a smile, I said thank you and left the room. 

As I was leaving, I thought I might have read a little bit better, if I had rehearsed out loud.  Of course, in a room of people, it is difficult to just start talking. Everyone was reading to themselves. Overall, this was quite an experience. It was fun. And it was exciting. And I’m thinking just for the experience alone, it was something new, different, and exhilarating. Just what I needed for a change of pace.