Take Off My Shoes???

Why should I take my shoes off?
I was recently asked how I felt about taking my shoes off when going to someone’s house who requires that anyone entering remove their shoes. I know for a fact that I do not like taking my shoes off. I do not like walking barefoot even if I’m wearing socks. I don’t like walking flat. At home, I have slippers with a little heel on them. They’re easy to slip on and off.   So, if I was invited to someone’s house who requires me to have my shoes off, I would be very hesitant.  And, may not want to go in. I do understand the desire to keep one’s home free of germs and bacteria and bug juice and all of that that’s in the environment outside.  However, I think that if that is a requirement, then I should be forewarned that I would have to relinquish my shoes. I don’t think it should be a surprise once I get to the door and expect to enter then told that I need to check my shoes at the door.  I would probably be a little bit upset about that. And wonder why I was not told beforehand. So, would I take my shoes off or not? Thinking about it right now, I really don’t know. But if forewarned, at least I would have a chance to make a decision as to whether I would go or not. May be forewarned, I could buy a new pair of slippers with the tags on and show them that they are new. I also think that I should be allowed to clean my shoes with some type of disinfectant prior to entering rather than take my shoes off and walk barefoot. I don’t walk barefoot around the house in my own home.

Chat with me a minute.  What do you think? To remove or not to remove that is the question.

Carefree Chit Chat is good for your soul!!

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4 thoughts on “Take Off My Shoes???”

  1. HI! I’m an Indian or South Asian by ethnicity. We don’t wear slippers inside our home. of-course, to keep the germs away. However, there are certain household, who wear different slippers for different rooms, like bathroom slippers are different from drawing rooms. When we all pray or enter the worship hall in our home, we forbid slippers to honor its cleanliness and purity. It is also believed that worship hall (temple) have a channel of energy, that is exchanged with our bodies when we are barefoot. Also, many times temple floors are covered in turmeric and sindoor, which is therapeutic, thereby enhancing our health when we step barefoot. The Japanese and chinese also remove their footwear before entering any home or place of worship.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I guess it all depends on where you were brought up. I grew up in the south and taking our shoes off was not tradition. I only take them off if they are extremely soiled.

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