Chit Chat Today

20170809_163659I like flea markets, yard sales, and thrift store shopping.  I like getting up early Saturday morning and following the signs to all the yard side specials.  However, I want to talk about the picture. I found this picture at a yard sale. When I looked at it, I said, that’s me. I immediately identified with the young lady relaxing and enjoying life. Stress free, time standing still, as she soaked in the pleasantry of the day. Look at her.  Relaxed. Just enjoying her “me time”. This is how I see me, at least this is how I’d like to see me. Hair back, feet up on the post, and maybe a glass of lemonade on the side. Just taking in the scene of everything around me. That’s me and I feel great! So I encourage you, I invite you to find your special place that relaxes you and help you to regenerate your soul and your mind as you conquer your day to day demands.

As I look at the picture and imagine myself relaxing, my mind wanders into the Chit Chat zone.  Idle chit-chat is easy, it’s calming, and it’s whatever pops into your head.  It will help keep your day on a positive note.

So let’s chit chat about little bits of nothing to help smooth out the rough edges of our day.

Welcome to Chit Chat Today!

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