How Do You Know?

Chit Chat TodayEver wonder if he really likes you or if he is just stringing you along? Teenagers, young adults, middle-aged, or seniors. We all have those thoughts. No matter how long you’ve been seeing someone, you still wonder if he really cares. How can you tell if a person will be good for you past today? He may tell you “I care for you…you’re the only one for me”. He smiles and you melt. Yeah… Right! But now, he leaves your side and you can’t reach him. Your calls go to his voicemail. If he answers, your conversation is cut short… “Wait a minute, somebody’s calling me…I’ll call you back in a few minutes.” A few minutes takes 15 minutes, 30 minutes, then no return call at all. Yet, he said “You’re the only one for me.” Valentine’s Day, you may get a text, you may get a call, you may not hear from him at all.  Yet…”You’re the only one for me.”  Your birthday… Nothing, maybe an acknowledgement, maybe not. You’re supposed to go out to dinner, but he forgets. Something came up. He gives you an excuse but then maybe not. How about “… I forgot…” You ask, “You forgot? Am I not important enough to remember? He says “…I had something to do” You say, then, “Explain the emergency. What was more important than our relationship and me and my birthday?”

Your heart is all into him, this relationship and you want to believe. But you just don’t know how to. He disappears, no answer for 2 to 3 days. The whole weekend, then more days. But the worst thing, something happens that really disturbs you. A crisis to you. Is he there to support you? Does he lend a shoulder to cry on? Does he listen to your concerns and your feelings? Is he there when you need him? Excuses, excuses, excuses, “…I lost my phone. My phone died. My charger is not working….” Well, here comes the hard part for you. Your nagging mind wants an answer. How can you tell if he really cares for you? How do you know if he’s really into you?  Let’s see if we can figure this out.

One day, a friend of mine said something that really got me to thinking.  You may have heard it before.  It’s not new.  But now, you need to internalize the words.  Apply it to yourself. How can you tell if someone is really into you?

You need to – TAKE YOUR EMOTIONS OUT OF IT!  I’ll say it again. Take your emotions out of it. Forget that you care for this person. Forget that you liked this person. Forget any words he may have said to you. Words are irrelevant at this point. Just look at him from the outside as if you’re someone else looking at this strange person. What do you see? What does he do? Look at him. Stand back now. Take a good look. Where is he when you need him? What is he doing? Remember, caring and loving are action words. How does he treat you? That’s how you know if he cares!

Feel free to Chit Chat your thoughts on this……

A Care Free Moment In Time

Good morning, Chit Chatters.

I was just driving along the Streets of Atlanta and saw two guys walking on the sidewalk eating chips and just bobbing, and dabbing and prancing as pretty as you please. One guy was black, wore a red shag hairdo, open shirt, short short blue jeans, and flip-flops. The white guy wore a plaid shirt, long blue jeans, dark blond looking hair, and sneakers. Both appearing just as happy as they could be on a beautiful sunny morning.

I was held up at a red light so as I watched, a thought crossed my mind and I just had to yell out the window “Hey—–y’all need to be in a movie” and the young white guy turned around, waved his hand across the air and said “That’s right child and we going to call it Sisters”. Then they continued their walk down the street. The black guy was prancing and the white guy was swaying. Hilarious. Not asking for anything. Not begging for anything. Just enjoying their moment and the world as it is. Dipping and dabbing and prancing and swaying to their own tune and to their own music. Not a care in the world.

Why am I telling this story?  I don’t know. Just a little chit chat about a care free moment in time. Have you ever watched a television station and heard the words “Characters welcome”. Well, these are definite characters for a movie. Welcome them.

Take Off My Shoes???

Why should I take my shoes off?
I was recently asked how I felt about taking my shoes off when going to someone’s house who requires that anyone entering remove their shoes. I know for a fact that I do not like taking my shoes off. I do not like walking barefoot even if I’m wearing socks. I don’t like walking flat. At home, I have slippers with a little heel on them. They’re easy to slip on and off.   So, if I was invited to someone’s house who requires me to have my shoes off, I would be very hesitant.  And, may not want to go in. I do understand the desire to keep one’s home free of germs and bacteria and bug juice and all of that that’s in the environment outside.  However, I think that if that is a requirement, then I should be forewarned that I would have to relinquish my shoes. I don’t think it should be a surprise once I get to the door and expect to enter then told that I need to check my shoes at the door.  I would probably be a little bit upset about that. And wonder why I was not told beforehand. So, would I take my shoes off or not? Thinking about it right now, I really don’t know. But if forewarned, at least I would have a chance to make a decision as to whether I would go or not. May be forewarned, I could buy a new pair of slippers with the tags on and show them that they are new. I also think that I should be allowed to clean my shoes with some type of disinfectant prior to entering rather than take my shoes off and walk barefoot. I don’t walk barefoot around the house in my own home.

Chat with me a minute.  What do you think? To remove or not to remove that is the question.

Carefree Chit Chat is good for your soul!!

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Blogger Week 2017 Unconference Washington DC

Hey everybody. This weekend of August 11-13 was the fourth annual Blogger Week Unconference in Washington, DC. Presented by Black Bloggers Connect and founder Jessica Ann Mitchell-Aiwuyor, who just so happens to be my daughter. The unconference was held at Trinity University where flocks of bloggers gathered to mingle and meet bloggers from all over the country. I had the pleasure of attending for the fourth year and had a great time. The networking mixer was Friday evening at the Mule Bone hosted by The Black Public Relations Society of DC.

The Saturday Unconference was full of energy and excitement as attendees attended sessions of their choice about topics that would help them with their blog. Newbie bloggers as well as seasoned bloggers all flocked together to share their interest and ideas.

Sunday I attended the last event for Blogger Week 2017. This was a fashion show at the Ritz-Carlton held outside in a beautiful garden area they called “The Yard”. As I said, I had a great time and look forward to the Blogger Week events for next year!

Check out my photo at the mixer with Founder Jessica Aiwuyor



The next photo is at the Unconference on Saturday with Dr. Shantella Y. Sherman, author of “In search Of Purity”


Pictures from the fashion show at the Ritz Carlton

I had a ball at all the events!

Chit Chat Today

20170809_163659I like flea markets, yard sales, and thrift store shopping.  I like getting up early Saturday morning and following the signs to all the yard side specials.  However, I want to talk about the picture. I found this picture at a yard sale. When I looked at it, I said, that’s me. I immediately identified with the young lady relaxing and enjoying life. Stress free, time standing still, as she soaked in the pleasantry of the day. Look at her.  Relaxed. Just enjoying her “me time”. This is how I see me, at least this is how I’d like to see me. Hair back, feet up on the post, and maybe a glass of lemonade on the side. Just taking in the scene of everything around me. That’s me and I feel great! So I encourage you, I invite you to find your special place that relaxes you and help you to regenerate your soul and your mind as you conquer your day to day demands.

As I look at the picture and imagine myself relaxing, my mind wanders into the Chit Chat zone.  Idle chit-chat is easy, it’s calming, and it’s whatever pops into your head.  It will help keep your day on a positive note.

So let’s chit chat about little bits of nothing to help smooth out the rough edges of our day.

Welcome to Chit Chat Today!